How Much Disk Space is Enough

There would come up a variety of technical problems when people build their website, one of the most common one is about the disk space. And on the computer, every task will consume disk space, including build a website.

In the hosting market, some web hosts offer customers unlimited disk space while others offer a limited amount of disk space. And in this article, we will discuss about how much disk space is required for a site.

About Disk Space

“Disk Space” is an amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, such as on a hard drive, floppy or USB flash drive, etc. In web host, it means how much disk space you should rent from a web host to support your site.

What’s the Need

For disk space needs, it depends on people’s website scale. For instance, if they just plan to build a personal blog, then they do not need much disk space. But a huge website like, which contains tons of high-quality pictures, pages, and other contents certainly require a large amount of disk space.

The disk space needs is accompanied by a website growing, so it would be better for people to take a long-term consideration from the beginning. Like we mentioned many times, everyone have to do a roughly calculation about the contents they are going to put on the website before getting the website online.

When calculating the disk space requirement, the factors you should consider include space for the source code, images, videos, and database requirement.

Unlimited Disk Space

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