How to Get Free Traffic from Blog Commenting

Having a beautiful website with great contents cannot ensure you a large number of visitors. First and foremost, people need to know your website exists, and then come to visit your website. Thus, getting traffic becomes one of the most essential tasks and requires some your efforts to make the website famous.

It is believed that most articles you read would recommend you to optimize the website for search engine, regular content update, social network profile work, or promotions of some products and services. Indeed, all of these methods are useful. However, there is another way that allows to get free traffic is by commenting on the websites that you visit.

Selecting the Right Website

There are so many websites available on the Internet that you can comment on, but not all of them are able to bring you traffic, you have to choose the right websites to visit and leave comments.

Relevant Websites

Finding websites that have relevant subject to your websites are great. Keep visiting and commenting on these websites now and then, can bring you free traffic to your own website.

Popular Websites

The reason why choose the popular websites is that they have more visitors, especially active and regular visitors. So leave your comments and let more people to read, then its better exposure for your website.

Normally, the websites with a lot of comments or “likes” and “tweets”, they are the popular websites that you can choose.

Creating an Impression

Once you found a website, the next step is create an impressive comment to stand out among other commentators, so do not waste the time and efforts to leave the useless comments. And remember draw attention and increase the likelihood of your link being click on.

Be the First to Leave Comment

It is may be a little difficult because you cannot wait at the computer for new updates on the website and make comments. One effective way assure that you become the first commentator is to subscribe for RSS updates of the websites.

Valuable Comments

Make sure your comments are valuable and informative to the visitors because that can reflect you authority and knowledge. If they work, visitors would like to check your website.

Commenting on other websites is a good and flexible way to expose your own website, for any beginners, it is worth a try.