How to Secure Your Domain

Domain buyers are generally being called domainers, and there are differences between domainers. The standards of good domainers are that they buy domains to legitimate use, reselling purposes are also included, and ensure the domains they brought are non-branded.

However, not all domainers can be placed in the good circle. There are some domainers who would make use of all means to get it once they find a specific domain. What’s worse, they even scruple at nothing to invade registrant’s privacy. This is absolutely unacceptable. Maybe many registrants did not notice that domain stealing is dangerous, it could even ruin the business.

And this is time to tell registrants to protect their domain and how.

Register Domain from Reputable Registrar

Sometimes, domain registrar itself is bad domainer. They might not allow you to transfer domains, and sometimes might keep them for their own. So choosing a reputable domain registrar is the first step to secure your domain. What we use most is Godaddy and NameCheap, and you could find mores from HostUCan domain search tools which lists out many trusted domain registrars and their registration fees.


Do not forget Domain Lock

A domain lock is safety system, which could protect domain name from other registrars’ unauthorized transfer. In some cases, this option might need to be disabled, but keep this in mind once operations are done, re-enable domain lock. This is very important.

Domain lock is offered automatically when people register a new domain name.

WHOIS protection is necessary

With WHOIS protection, the registrants’ information, such as generalities, email, phone contact and home address, would be completely hided. WHOIS hidden service is charged, but some registrars like and, they provide this service free for the first year.

Let domain expire is awful

There is a domain acquisition tool – Domain Backorder domainers can use to take registrants’ domain as long as the domain expires. So renew domain names in a timely manner could improve domain sercurity.

Leave those offensive messages alone

Maybe some domainers would make harassment or threaten, just leave them alone. If it cannot be ignored, then do something. Report to domain registrar and email provider or to the available ISP of domainers.

Don’t give in

Actually, domainers are very smart. They attempts to take control, and “steal” registrants’ domain without any permission.  Let them take domain? This is nonsense! Secure domain, and do not let bad domainers take advantages.

Make it clear

Make the position clear that the domain is not for sale, a homepage would be great. If it possible, registrants can make an ‘Organization Name’ or additional ‘Street Address’ fields. This would definitely reduce the chances that receive requests from domainers.

Finally, this may not be comprehensive, but if every registrant did these 7 steps, this is absolutely can make a higher level for domain security.