Linode Releases Longview for Linux Server Statistics and Graphing

On Thursday this week, Linode released Longview, a new Linux server statistics collection and graphing service for performance analysis across servers and datacenters, and can help clients’ business-critical Linux system running along smoothly.

Linode is a privately owned cloud hosting provider who owned several datacenters in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific region, and is committed to offering the best possible hosting services and tools as well.

For the purpose of this Longview release, Linode founder and CEO Christopher Aker indicated the company is constantly innovating and improving its technology to match and address customers and the developer community’s requirements.

“As an established leader in cloud hosting and active participant in the developer and system administrator communities,” Aker said, “Linode knows just what information any size company needs in order to improve server performance, reduce risk and easily scale to adjust for potentially problematic events or flash-fire growth.”

“With Longview, we are expanding the insights that systems administrators have at the systems level for data centers and individual servers, giving them the statistics they need to make informed decisions and plan accordingly for future events with an easy-to-use, beautiful dashboard.” according to Christopher Aker.

To improve server performance and scale resources, the Longview brings customers interactive graphs, historical data, and metrics and analysis.

And Longview makes it easy to gain instant insight into the resource use of customers’ servers and to identify trends in things like CPU, memory, network, and processes. So that customers can make better planning decisions for high traffic events by going back to months or years before.

Longview comes with two versions. Basic Longview is entirely free and includes 5-minute resolution and 30 minutes of data retention. Additionally, Linode customers are able to upgrade their account to Pro version that is available in different packs starting at $20/mo, and get every-minute resolution and unlimited data retention at the same time.

Linode said that Longview is open-source and can be installed on any Linux system, and supported distribution like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora.