Linode Releases Mobile App for both Android and iOS

Linode made an announcement on Tuesday this week that the company launched major update to its customer app – Linode Mobile, which is now available for download on both Android mobile operating system and the latest iOS7.

As an established leader in cloud hosting, Linode focuses on offering the best possible hosting products and tools to customers. Linode customers are able to choose datacenter location from US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

According to Linode, the new app has been created from the ground up and gives customers real time access to the account features that are most vital to them.

This app not only allows customers enhanced on-the-go access to essential Linode account management features, but also allows use these features to conveniently connect from either iOS or Android mobile device anywhere.

Linode Founder and CEO Christopher Aker said: “Our users are more mobile than ever, so with Linode Mobile they can now stay better connected and on top of their accounts, addressing any critical issues that arise – from anywhere in the world.”

In addition to the Android release of phones and tablets, the app is also compatible with Apple’s iOS6 and new iOS7, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices. The iPad version was designed, built and optimized specifically for tablets, rather than simply being an identical version of mobile app.

With the app, customers can have a constant link to remote servers and vital account information, such as notification about activity on virtual servers.

Christopher Aker indicated: “In a fast-paced world, customers will find that the new user-friendly app gives them increased access to everything they need. This is the next step in providing businesses with the best tools possible to manage critical account functions remotely with the touch of a button.” And he also mentioned some other premium features.

  •   Monitoring Domain Name System (DNS) for domains linked to Linode accounts
  •   Linode mobile grant conveniently access the Linode library that contains valuable suggestion and tips for beginners
  •   Access to NodeBalancers for managing multiple Linode operating in a single system, monitoring their health, and putting them in and out of rotation
  •   Remotely manage a Linode fleet of servers
  •   Easily view statistics and graphs that help customers keep track of how their system is performing and troubleshoot, if necessary. This includes data on CPU, Bandwidth, and I/O

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