Quick Introduction to InmotionHosting Account Management Panel

InmotionHosting offers its customers with user-friendly business hosting solution and maintain a very high customer satisfaction rate. AMP (Account Management Panel) is one of key features which gives customers more control than ever over their account and server.

Some customers may not be familiar with AMP, let’s take a rough knowledge of this software before getting into the new features.

What is Account Management Panel

Account Management Panel is the option that can help customers save time and efforts by allowing them check their billing information easily, including reviewing what items are currently being billed for the account, reviewing past receipts, and even updating contact and payment information.

Furthermore, for customers who are on VPS or dedicated platform, AMP also gives them more direct, easier and faster access to their cPanel.

And now, InmotionHosting added some new feature to AMP recently in order to make the Account Management Panel more excellent.

  • Change Primary Domain Name

If customers want to abandon their primary domain name, just log into AMP, cancel the renewal on that domain and put a new one in the place. This new feature is also available in shared hosting.

  • Buy a new IP Address

Through AMP, customers can buy a new IP address directly without contacting InmotionHosting support staff. This feature can be found under “Additional Services” column.

  • Restart Virtual Private Server

Customers used to request help from the support team when they need to restart the server, but now with AMP, they can restart their VPS services right from anywhere they are. When the operations are done and everything ready to go again, customers would receive a success message.

This is InmotionHosting and its AMP does for every customers, make their hosting experience more convenient and simple.

InmotionHosting is Affordable

Customers who want to get this great software, they can sign up with InmotionHosting. By checking the latest InmotionHosting Coupon, the prices of its shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server start from $4.89/mo, $29.99/mo and 119.99/mo respectively. It also guarantees 90 day full money back.

To know more about InmotionHosting, please visit www.inmotionhosting.com, or check out our latest review at best-cheap-hosting.com/inmotionhosting-review.