Tips to Strengthen Security of Joomla Website

Joomla is a content management system that powers webmasters to build websites and create valuable online applications. The excellent rich features and ease-to-use interface make Joomla one of the most popular site software in the industry.

As it is a free open source application, hackers see the loopholes in Joomla deeply. In addition to that, there are many other important security issues available to attach to it. Thus, owners should employ some preventive measures to enhance the security level of their Joomla website.

The Most Updated Joomla Version

With every new update, webmasters can not only get several improvements in the core features and components of Joomla, but also achieve the enhancement in the Joomla website’s security. So, it’s highly suggested to use the latest and updated release of Joomla.

Strengthen Joomla Login

Normally, the administrative username of Joomla website is set to “admin” by default. Hackers could easily access to the administrative area if webmasters do not strengthen Joomla login. In order to increase the security level, they have to replace the default user ID with some strong alternatives.

Backup Data

Another key measure is to backup the data stored on webmasters’ Joomla website. This would be quite useful to help them easily and quickly recover once they lost all their crucial data or information in an incident of hacking.

Installation of Search Engine Friendly Component

Many of hackers are identified to use the Google inurl to look for vulnerable exploits existing in the Joomla websites. Install URL’s search engine friendly component can help prevent hackers from acquiring the exploits. At the same time, it will also help improve the SEO ranking of the Joomla website.

Modify the Default Database Table Prefix

To avert most or all of the SOL injection, for webmasters, it would be better to change the default prefix with something complicated enough to be guessed. The database prefix would be set during the installation process of a Joomla website, and webmasters can change it later by going with the instructions.

  •   Sign in to Joomla backend, go to the global configuration option and look for the database
  •   Change the database prefix and save the change
  •   Go to phpMyAdmin to access the database
  •   Leave all default values and choose Start, then exporting the database
  •   Copy all code to text when the process done, and delete all tables in phpMyAdmin
  •   Make the change into the new prefix

Only if webmasters take their Joomla website seriously, they start concerning about security issues. So, they should take helpful measures to enhance to the highest level of Joomla website before hackers fix the eyes on their website.  Finally, don’t forget to find a secured Joomla hosting solution, only the server is protect, than all the effort above mean.