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VPS.NET review below is based on our own real experience with VPS.NET and the reviews we have collected from VPS.NET customers, in which we will review VPS.NET feature, web server speed, reliability, customer support, pricing and control panel.

VPS.NET Overall Rating

VPS.NET Review


  • Features
    : ★★★☆☆
  • Speed
    : ★★★★☆
  • Reliability
    : ★★★★☆
  • Support
    : ★★★☆☆
  • Ease-of-use
    : ★★★☆☆
  • Price
    : $20/mo

VPS.NET, one of the earliest players in cloud hosting field, has been providing cheap reliable Cloud hosting solutions since 2006. It’s now owning data centers in over 20 locations. As VPS.NET customers, they could put their web sites to a data center close to their location to gain better access speed.

With years’ development, VPS.NET has built up a very good reputation in the industry.

VPS.NET Review on Features

The capability of VPS.NET Cloud Hosting solution is determined by how many nodes its customer purchase. Each node include 1.2GHz CPU, 386MB memory, 10GB disk space. The price start at $20 for the first node, and the more nodes you add to the cloud server, the more powerful it will be, and the price per node will be cheaper.

For example, if you add 4 nodes to your cloud server, the price will be $68/month only. As VPS.NET is promoting its service at “Buy 4 Get 1″, if previous case, people could 5 nodes when they pay for 4 nodes, which make the price/node low to $13.5/mo.

VPS.NET Review on Speed and Uptime

VPS.NET has been delivering the fast speed and the best performance for its customers since they started the businesses. It’s one of few web host guaranteeing 100% uptime.

VPS.NET cloud servers are available in 20 different locations spread around the world. All of its Cloud Storage Units are powered by 48 drives in RAID10 and then replicated real time via Multipath I/O to provide customers a total of 96 drives of full redundancy. As VPS.NET customers, they could always enjoy the fast access to their web servers.

VPS.NET Review on Customer Support

VPS.NET customers could get the help from VPS.NET via toll-free phone call, email and online knowledge base, which looks pretty standard in the industry. And compared with the other high reputation web hosts, VPS.NET support system is lack of online live chat support.

Another cons of VPS.NET support is that their customer support only offer basic support as free to their customers, if you need to diagnose your server issues, you have paid for this advanced service. Good thing is that their engineers are well-trained with good knowledge to help their customers effectively.

VPS.NET Review on Ease-to-Use

VPS.NET provide its customers with root access. To ease the step of creating a web site, VPS.NET offer its customers with hundreds of system template and image, so that its customers could launch WordPress, Drupal, or other popular types of site quickly.

VPS.NET doesn’t offer free control panel. So if you don’t have good server management knowledge, it would be good to add cPanel or Plesk to your cloud server.

VPS.NET Review on Pricing

VPS.NET is a cheap cloud hosting service provider. People has no need to spend $100/mo or more to start benefiting from this new technology. The price of VPS.NET cloud hosting starts from $20/mo only. If you add more nodes to the server, you could make it even cheaper to $12.6/node/mo only.

VPS.NET accepts Paypal and credit cards like Master Card and Visa payment.

Is VPS.NET Recommended?

Yes, VPS.NET is recommended for all-sizes of businesses, and web developers. It’s not perfect on customer support, but their product does give People an opportunity to get the benefit of Cloud hosting technology at a low cost.

To know more about VPS.NET, please visit www.vps.net now and don’t forget to check out it “Buy 4 Nodes, Get 1 free” deal.

VPS.NET Review