Web Hosting Service MediaTemple was Acquired by GoDaddy

One of the founders Demian Sellfors made a statement recently that he had planned a three year exit strategy when he co-founded MediaTemple. Until the company has been acquired by GoDaddy for an undisclosed amount, he finally believed the fifteen-year journey is “nothing like what he expected it to be”.

As one of the biggest domain registrars and hosting companies, GoDaddy has made  great many efforts for the acquisition. Especially, the emphasis on small or medium businesses became central to its growth strategy now.

When referring to the impression of GoDaddy, Sellfors said: “GoDaddy has changed its strategy, it is changing its thinking, its advertising, and I can tell you with a straight face that this is not the same company that people are used to.”

Meanwhile, he also indicated that MediaTemple would remain autonomous and independent. For this acquisition, the fact is that the company is going to stand on a bigger stage and take its services to a greater number of people.

According to Irving, MediaTemple will continue to be a separate business. He said that customers choose MediaTemple for reasons, and GoDaddy will provide investment to help MediaTemple grow value proposition globally instead of disrupting its shape or form.

Sellfors said: “I think that MediaTemple is lucky enough that we’ve been able to see under the curtain a bit more than others, but I think people will be very impressed as they see GoDaddy grow.”

The cultural synergies between the two company is startling, MediaTemple had great growth but now being part of GoDaddy it really sees that it is going to be able to offer more technical solutions to those web designers and web professionals globally.