When You Should Upgrade Web Server

upgrade-serverGet excited for the rapid growth of traffic,  or your website and business become more and more popular? You might be in the trouble of slow speed and frequent downtime, which would destroy all of the success you have achieved online. So it might be a high time to consider upgrading your server.

Most of you choose to benefit from shared hosting when you first involved in hosting area. That left the possibilities of upgrading to higher VPS hosting and dedicated server when your website keeps growing. And many hosting companies offer a variety of packages on each hosting types, which would reduce the upgrade issue. If you have problem, you can ask for support.

However, you may be wonder when your server needs to be upgraded. In below, we will talk about 5 signs which indicate you should start taking actions.

Low Server Speed or Server Become Unreliable

hosting providers always guarantee 99.9% uptime for their hosting service, this is a high number actually. But you have to understand such a principle that price shows quality. For cheap shared hosting, you must share resource with others so you cannot expect fast speed and full uptime all the time. If you were happy with your server speed and uptime previously but now the situation goes bad, then you might need to consider upgrading to VPS hosting or dedicated server.

More Room for Resource-intensive Applications

If the requirement of the software, larger applications, and downloadable contents that run on the server exceeds the server’s specifications, you can look into upgrade to VPS or dedicated server for more room. Thus, it can ensure your website performance and no impact for others.

Full Control of the Server

If you need to install some special software or have other extra needs, you must upgrade to VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting to achieve the goals, because only VPS and dedicated server have root access to the server.

Expand Development

When starting a business, one of your expectations is expanding site development to get much customers. VPS hosting and dedicated servers allow you add multiple domains on one account, so you can implement multi-site development.

The Success of Your Website

The last but the most convincing sign that make you upgrade to VPS hosting or dedicated server. Your website stands out from thousands of websites, and leads the business to success, ultimately. It is not easy to maintain this success, you must 100% ensure that your websites are always online, even during traffic peak. It seems imperative to upgrade your server.