Why Not Free Web Hosting for Small Business

Nowadays, for every small business owner, even if your business has no connection with Internet or technology, an online present that makes customers get their first impression of the business is still significant to your success.

If you sell products and services online or want your small business to stand out, a reliable website with well-designed interface is required. The premise of all these things is to find a solid web hosting service, and there are many factors you should take into account.

Paid Web Hosting or Free Web Hosting

Free hosting is a good choice for newbies to create small sites or blogs, but it lacks many key features and resources a small business requires to grow. Comparing these two types web hosting services, you will find out that you get what you pay for.

Domain Name

Generally, free hosting does not allow you to use your own domain name, and you will be stuck with something like www.freehosting.com/(yourbusinessname). That is certainly no advantage for your small business. But most of the paid web hosts offer a free domain name one you sign up with their service.

Resources – storage

Different hosting services come with different resources; the main one that you would be concerned is the storage.

  • Most popular free web hosts offer storage ranging from 1500MB to around 10GB
  • Paid web hosting always offers customers unlimited storage space resource

Considering that you run a small business website, you may need more space to manage content and expand your site in the future, so paid web hosting would not get you into trouble.

Upgrade or Transfer

For free hosting, it is quite difficult to move your website to another new web host, and you may lose many customers during the progress because you cannot redirect your old website.

However, paid hosting always provides advanced solutions and easy upgrade services. As the customer, you are allowed to download your whole site if you plan to transfer to another host. Furthermore, some hosts even help you the entire transfer process as free.

Support Service

Quality support service is quite important to business owners. Simply put, you could not expect comprehensive support from free hosting, but paid hosting service always comes with 24/7 timely and patient supports via multiple phone call, live chat and email methods to help you out.


For the favor, free hosting will put many ads on your website; you have no ability to control over the advertising. As a small business owner, this would cause negative impact on your own business.

Paid Hosting is Affordable

Price is the top consideration when you choose a hosting service, in fact, paid hosting do not cost you that much. There are many great cheap hosting in the market offering their service less than $5/mo. For example, Bluehost (www.bluehost.com), one of the best small business hosting in the industry, only cause people $3.95/mo only. is the leading one that is perfect for hosting a small business website.

Bluehost has been in industry for over 15 years, its hosting service is well-known for rich features, high reliability, fast speed and user-friendly supports. The regular price is $6.95/mo normally, but with the latest bluehost 3.95 promotion, people can get the service at only $3.95/mo, 44% off the regular price, by following this exclusive promotion link. It also offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee to keep your money safe.

To know more about Bluehost and its service, please visit www.bluehost.com.

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