WordPress for Business Websites

Nowadays, there are many business owners still hesitate what software to use to create their new business websites, or whether WordPress is just for publishing blogs.

As one of the most popular software in the world, WordPress now powers around 20% of all websites on the whole Internet, and people might be surprised to find that less than half of those are just blog, actually.

Most of websites powered by WordPress are websites using it for full content management, not just only for new updates. In fact, WordPress can be a great option for businesses. Here, we concluded some of the many reasons why WordPress is recommended for business websites.

  •   Publishing Platform

Simply put, WordPress is regarded as a publishing platform. However, it is not just designed for publishing content. WordPress also offers all of that power behind WYSWYG content editing, tags, preview, categories, password protection, and revisions in pages as well. With rich features, it is designed to manage any kind of content.

For business websites, owners are always suggested opening “Reading” settings and switching to a static front page for a fully customized landing page. Besides, if they are not ready to provide a “News” or “Blog” section on the websites, they are allowed to leave posts unassigned to simply disable them.

  •   Easy to Manage, Update and High Security Level

WordPress comes with flexible admin and editor roles by default that make it quite easy to train employees on how to write new content, manage existing pages and posts for business websites in a professional way, through the easy to use administration panel.

Moreover, WordPress provides extremely simple one-click updates to new versions of software, and all installed themes and plugins, this helps simplify the whole management process, and also helps save time.

Security is always a big issue for business owners, and WordPress is totally secured. It is handled professionally and promptly fixed when vulnerability is found with in WordPress. That fix is applied automatically to websites over encrypted lines.

  •   Customizable and Extendable

It does not matter what kind of business people are in, there is an awesome WordPress theme available in the marketplace that was designed specifically with their requirements in mind. If business owners want to save budget, they can choose one from thousands of free themes on WordPress.org, and many of them are great for small businesses.

WordPress is fully optimized for search engine results, and it also can be extended when the businesses need more important features and functionalities. For example, special plugins, social media integration, website analytics, event registration and tracking, even better, most of it is free.

  •   WordPress Grows with Businesses

WordPress is famous for its ability to scale up to high traffic websites. For business owners, no matter how big their businesses grow, they will have the comfort of knowing that they will never need to figure out how to transfer to another piece of expensive software. Of course, they need to remember find a reliable WordPress hosting provider for their businesses, at the same time.