WPEngine Rolls out WordPress 3.8 Updates Soon

With the favorite holiday time of year is coming, it is greater for webmasters that WordPress 3.8 has been released. And WPEngine made a statement excitedly that the company would begin rolling out updates soon.

As a trendy web host in the industry, WPEngine (www.wpengine.com) is committed to providing customers with reliable managed WordPress services. Until now, it has been hosting 75 million WordPress websites and apps all over the world.

WPEngine indicated that it had been informed by its customers so many times that many of their sites drive large sales numbers, traffic and communications during the holiday rush.

At the same time, customers ask WPEngine for great stability to deal with the traffic peak during the holiday season, and WPEngine now places a high value on delivering this for them.

The newest WordPress 3.8 version, named “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker, bebop innovator, is available for download and update. It has undergone some beautiful design changes to the admin dashboard, and some optimized features to functions.

By default, WPEngine would roll out the latest WordPress 3.8 as soon as customers critical holiday business rush is finished. “Right after Christmas the first batch of WPEngine customers will receive email notifications that their sites will be automatically updated to 3.8.” according to the official blog post of WPEngine.

However, there already are many customers are excited about the new design and excellent features that roll out in WordPress 3.8, and they will desire to update as quickly as possible.

For this situation, WPEngine can help upgrade their websites right away. Once customers submit a ticket or a live chat requesting that update websites, a support team member of WPEngine will hand upgrade their websites by using its Automated Upgrade Protection.

Meanwhile, WPEngine systems would create an automated backup of the current state of their websites, and then the support employee will perform the upgrade to WordPress 3.8. As soon as the upgrade is complete, WPEngine will test the new websites to ensure everything is running perfectly.

If something appears to be amiss, WPEngine will roll the websites back using the backup, and also investigate what may have gone wrong. If everything is up and running, customers would be notified that they are been upgraded to WordPress 3.8. To know more about WPEngine, please check out its review at https://wordpresshosting4u.com/wpengine-review.