1&1 Signs New Top Level Domains Agreement

Global leading web hosting provider 1&1 Internet, Inc., www.1and1.com, signed the ICANN’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement of 700 new domain suffixes, which is the start of domain allocation expected as early as October, to secure your new Internet address now.

ICANN is responsible for the global Internet address allocation of new Top Level Domains. The agreement allows 1&1 to offer more than 700 new endings as Internet addresses in the near future.

From October, the new domains will provide companies and individuals with new ways to be found more easily on the Internet. Terms like .web or .mail will be available for general use, instead of regional suffixes like .nyc or .boston only. So small business can use terms like .shop or .blog to indicate the nature of their website, and descriptive names like .car or .restaurant can bring additional visitors to the website.

“The new Top Level Domains will play a decisive role for future success on the Web”, said Robert Hoffmann, CEO Hosting, 1&1 Internet. “A good domain must stand out and be easy for customers to remember. Search engines like Google are also optimized to display the most relevant results prominently. Special domains will have a strong influence on the listing of results and so ultimately on the commercial success of the business.”

Also, for customers who are short for domain names with the appropriate .com, they have one more chance now.

Now, regardless of the provider hosting them at the moment, all domains newly registered with 1&1 can simply be used to already existing web pages with the integrated forwarding function.

Customers now can check at https://www.1and1.com/new-top-level-domains to see which new domain suffixes may suit your business. The 1&1 domain portal suggests Internet addresses relevant for the particular business area or the individual field of interest. In addition, customers can reserve the new Top Level Domains directly without cost. Once the chosen domain suffixes are available, 1&1 will inform customers automatically.