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Web hosting reviews below are based on our real experienced and the reviews we have collected from their verified customers. Most of them are well-known brands in the industry, including heavyweights like BluehostArvixe and InmotionHosting. Looking to host a specific applications, our ‘Application Hosting Review’ section lets you see top-ranked hosts for the likes of WordPress, Joomla, ASP.NET and PHP at a glance.

Web Hosting Review

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2013 Best Web Hosting by Categories

2013 best web hosting reviewEach Web host designs its hosting solutions to target at a specific group of customers. In Best Web Hosting by Categories, we list out the Top 3 Web Hosts who outperform the others in their own fields, with which you could make a better choice based on your own hosting needs.

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Want to know the difference between 2 web hosts? Below “Web Hosting Compare” will compare web hosts from features, pricing, customer support and web server speed to tell which one is better for your website.