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Linode review below is based on our own real experience with Linode and the reviews we have collected from its customers, in which we will review Linode feature, web server speed, reliability, customer support, pricing and control panel.

Linode Overall Rating

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Linode Xen VPS

  • Features
    : ★★★★☆
  • Speed
    : ★★★★☆
  • Reliability
    : ★★★★★
  • Support
    : ★★★★☆
  • Ease-of-use
    : ★★★☆☆
  • Price
    : $19.95/mo $16.96/mo, 15% off

Linode is a leader in Linux based VPS hosting. As a company loves technology, Linode has been always making its efforts to provide the best possible tools and services to customers. Linode has multiple data centers in the US, Europe, or Asia Pacific. At Linode, customers can choose where their server is located.

Linode Review on Features

With Linode hosting service, customers can get almost everything from the kernel and root access on up, which includes full ssh and root access, 4 processor Xen instances, Out of band console shell, Dedicated IP address and more.

The monthly storage and transfer are depended on which hosting plan customers choose. For example, Linode 512 includes 24 GB storage and 200GB transfer; Linode 1024 includes 48GB storage and 400GB transfer and so on.

The price of Linode hosting starts from $19.95/mo. And now people could receive 10% for 12 months term or 15% for 24 months term.

For more feature details about Linode hosting plan, visit its website:

Linode Review on Speed and Uptime

With multiple data centers in locations like Fremont, Atlanta, Dallas, Newark, London, or Tokyo, Linode give its customers an option to choose the most appropriate data center for their virtual server, with which they could get the best speed performance.

Linode guarantee 99.9% uptime. And according to the uptime data from, Linode uptime is close to 100%, which is really great.

Linode Review on Customer Support

Linode provides 24/7 technical support services. Having any problem? Its supports are always available; customers should be feel free to contact them any time, and most questions are answered in minutes, although live chat is not available.

There are many community resources like Linode Wiki, Library, Forums, IRC chat and etc customers can check out. And Linode Library is the most preferable place for people to look for tutorials and how-tos to facilitate easy learning.

Linode Review on Ease-to-Use

Linode offers self-developed control panel to help customers manage VPS easily. The main features of Linode control panel are reboot, rebuild VPS, and show the status of CPU, network and IO. All customers will be granted with root access to VPSs.

If people need a tool to manage domain, email or database, they can consider to install Webmin, cPanel, Kloxo and DirectAdmin (some license fee might happen). People make the decision based on their preferences.

In general, to use Linode well, it would be good to have some Linux server maintenance knowledge. Otherwise, you should consider to install a commercial control panel.

Linode Review on Pricing

Linode VPS hosting solution price list starts from $19.95/mo, and no set up fees.

There are three billing terms: month to month plan, 12 months plan and 24 months plan. Now, customers can get 10% discount for 12 months plan or 15% discount for 24 months plan.

Linode accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. It does not accept bank/wire transfers, and it also has no plans to support PayPal.

Customers also need to be aware of is that Linode only offers 7 days money back guarantee.

Is Linode Recommended?

Linode VPS hosting is fast, affordable, and it has remarkably good reputation in the hosting industry, we recommend it for individual, WordPress blog and all sizes of businesses. To know more about Linode, visit now and do not miss its 15% off deal.

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