Best PHP Hosting

best php hosting 2013PHP is a powerful scripting language that allow webmasters to create dynamic web page easily. It’s the most popular web development language, which is supported by almost all web hosts. Best PHP Hosting below are those who surpass their competitors on features, price, reliability, speed, and customer support, with which people could build a PHP site at an affordable price.

Best PHP Hosting 2013

After reviewing hundreds of web hosts, we are pleased to award Bluehost, InmotionHosting and HostGator as the Best PHP Hosting in 2013.

Rank Web Hosting Features Price Reviews
#1 Best Linux Hosting - BlueHost
  • 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Hosting
  • Apache, MySQL, Dual version of PHP
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
$3.95 BlueHost review
#2 Best Linux hosting - inmotionhosting
  • 1 Free Domain, Host 2 Domains.
  • Apache, MySQL, Dual version of PHP
  • 90 Days FULL Money Back Guarantee
$4.89 InmotionHosting review
#3 Hostgator
  • Host 1 Domain
  • Apache, MySQL, Dual version of PHP
  • Safe Harbor Certified
$3.71 Hostgator review

Bluehost – Best Cheap PHP Hosting

best linux hosting - bluehostBluehost (, one of the best hosting service providers in the industry, is well-known for its professional and reliable web hosting service. Bluehost now is hosting over 3 million domains, and the number still grows at a rate of 20 thousand customers per week.

As a company operated by a team who have deep understanding on Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL, Bluehost provides unbeatable features to support PHP applications well:

  • Dual versions of PHP (both V5.2.x and V5.3.x);
  • The servers are configured to utilize PHP Caching, maximize available server RAM, and reduce I/O requests;
  • PHP runs as suPHP for better security
  • PHP memory_limit is up to 512MB

In Bluehost, PHP&MySQL based site could load much faster than its competitors!

The list price of Bluehost is $6.95/month, but with special Bluehost 3.95 promotion, all the new customers could signup Bluehost service at $3.95/month, which is around 50% off. More than these, Bluehost is one of few web host guaranteeing Anytime Money Back. Working with Bluehost is really a risk-free choice.

Bluehost is strongly recommended for individuals, PHP web developers, and small businesses. To know more detail about Bluehost, please visit or check out Bluehost Review.

InmotionHosting – Best PHP Hosting for Businesses

inmotionhosting best linux hostingInmotionHosting ( has been providing high quality PHP hosting solutoin since 2001. Its hosting solutions include shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, which are perfect for all-sized businesses.

InmotionHosting offer a perfect environment for PHP applications. From Inmotionhosting, people could find dual version of PHP (5.2.x and 5.3.x), RAID-10 fast storage, PHP caching, suPHP, and high PHP memory_limit. With Inmotionhosting, people could get its PHP application run smoothly.

InmotionHosting guarantees 90 days full money back, and 100% customer satisfaction. People could also ask for prorated money back within the first 90 days and then prorated refund after it. And Inmotionhosting is offering 30% off through this special promotion link, which means people could subscribe to its server at $4.89/mo instead of $6.96/mo.

To know more about the company, please go or check out InmotionHosting Review.

HostGator – Professional PHP Hosting

best linux hosting - hostgatorHostgator ( is one of largest web host in the world. With over 8 million domains, the traffic of its customers make up approximately 1% of the world’s Internet traffic.

Hostgator always does the best to bring its customers the latest technology available. It’s one of the very first web hosts who offer PHP 5.3.x. And just like the other great PHP hosting service provider, Hostgator provides its customers with dual versions of PHP, PHP caching, optimized connection between PHP and Mysql, and high PHP memory_limit (128MB). PHP in Hostgator run as suPHP for higher security,

Hostgator is not a cheap hosting service provide. But now, with exclusive Hostgator CouponClue25PercentOff‘, people could receive 25% off and subscribe to Hostgator service from $3.71/month only.

To know more about Hostgator, please visit or check out Hostgator Review.

How We Select Best PHP Hosting

PHP is the most popular web development language, which now is powering over 20 million domains. It could run on both Linux and Windows servers, but Linux and Apache are considered to be the best platform for PHP. With a mission to bring people the high quality web hosting solutions at affordable price, when selecting best PHP Hosting, below are the criteria we look at:

  • Rich features for PHP, which includes:
    • Dual Versions of PHP, such as PHP 5.2.x and PHP 5.3.x, which stands for the most popular versions in PHP world;
    • PHP caching is enabled, which will accerate the speed of PHP scripts;
    • PHP is run as suPHP for higher security
    • High PHP memory_limit
    • PHP.ini is configurable
  • High uptime and customers satisfaction rate. We will refer to the data from, a hosting review site which is well-known for collecting the performance data of web hosts, such as Uptime, customers satisfaction rate, and web server speed. All candidates should be with 99.9%+ uptime and 90%+ customer satisfaction rate in the past year. People can find the real performance data of above 3 award winners from
  • Price need to be affordable, and Web Host should provide Money back guarantee like “Anytime Money Back” or at least 30 FULL Days money back.
  • Reputation in the industry. A web host with good reputation will care more about their service, and they have much stronger willing to offer better service to maintain the reputation. As it’s hard to for us to evaluate the reputation of a new web host, we set another criteria that all the candidates should be in businesses for at least 3 years.
  • Data center should be at Level Tier-4. Web hosting is only as good as the network and infrastructure that supports it. And Tier-4 level stands for the highest level of security, reliability and performance in the industry.