InmotionHosting vs WebHostingHub

InmotionHosting or WebhostingHub? In below InmotionHosting vs WebHostingHub, I will give you the answer.

Before answering this question, I would like to introduce the relationship between these 2 companies first. Here is a photo we took in InmotionHosting office, from which you could find that their office are located in the same place. That’s right! They are the different brands under the same company.


Difference Between ImotionHosting and WebHostingHub

According to the talk with InmotionHosting Marketing Manager, both companies shared the same data centers, management team, and even engineers. So, what are the difference between them.

  • First, InmotionHosting and WebHostingHub has different target customers. InmotionHosting is a leader in business hosting. Its hosting service cover Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated server hosting so that their customers could upgrade the hosting solution without any service downtime when their business growth. However WebHostingHub mainly targets at personal or small business and there is only one hosting option from it, which means when their customers need an even powerful hosting solution, they has to migrate to another web host (possibly InmotionHosting) and face the risk of service unavailable.
  • Price Value. Just like what you can see in this market, personal hosting normally includes more features than business hosting at a lower price, this is also true between InmotionHosting and WebHostingHub. With the latest WebHostingHub Coupon, people could get WebHostingHub service at low to $3.99/mo only, and comes with “Unlimited” features on bandwidth, disk space, or domain hosted. But for InmotionHosting, the price is at $4.89/mo, but only allows for 2 web sites and 2 MySQL database. Obviously, WebHostingHub has higher price value than InmotionHosting.
  • Reliability and Speed. We have accounts with both InmotionHosting and WebHostingHub. And is hosted with InmotionHosting now. In general we feel InmotionHosting is more reliable and faster than WebHostingHub. But WebHostingHub is also very good. This is somehow because Service Level Agreement is different between these two companies, in which Business customers set higher standard on reliability and speed (that’s why they get less features at higher price).

Which One is Better

Both InmotionHosting and WebHostingHub are recognized as Best Hosting in the industry. They have very good reputation within their customers. So, what we suggests is to choose a product which is designed for you.

If you are a individuals and need a web site to host your personal blog, then go with WebHostingHub. WebHostingHub has achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry, which is high to 95%.

The company now is promoting the service at 44% off, after which the price is only $3.99/month. To know more about the deal, please visit now or check out WebHostingHub Review.

InmotionHosting provides great hosting service for all-sizes of business and according to the data from, close to 80% of its customers are business related and their satisfaction rate is also very high at around 90%, which show this company really know the hosting needs from Businesses and know how to satisfy them. So if your site is for business purpose, go with InmotionHosting. Now, Inmotionhosting is promoting its product at 30% off on its shared hosting, and up to 50% off on the VPS and Dedicated Server. To know more about the company and the deal, please go to now or check out InmotionHosting Review.