3 Reasons to Host Business Site in Shared Web Hosting

Generally, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting are three widely-used hosting types in the market. Dedicated server is always the first choice of large corporations, and shared web hosting is regarded as the entry level type for its low price and the nature of sharing the hardware with the other accounts.

Whether shared web hosting is only good for personals and small businesses, or maybe you are not truly knows about shared hosting and your real needs.

In this article below, we will reveal why shared hosting is also great for business site.

Shared Web Hosting is Powerful

When come to choose shared hosting to start business site, you might worry about that you cannot get enough resources to keep your website running with the growing increase of traffic. Surely, due to resource sharing, the operating system would assign these hardware resources as needed; it is not surprised that you might have such concern.

This worry only comes with if you know exactly your site’s traffic and contents you are going to offer. Most of the time, just because of the wrong deduction, you waste your money.

Actually, shared web hosting is powerful enough that can meet most business websites’ requirements. It is also an economical and practical hosting type, helps business owners save budgets by distributing cost to many other users.

Shared hosting servers are usually optimized that for carrying site contents, even if multiple accounts are placed on the same server. In addition, if you sign up shared hosting service from those top hosting providers like Bluehost and WebHostingHub who offer powerful hosting solutions, your worries are unnecessary.

Shared Web Hosting Security Can be Improved

From the business perspective, data security is particularly critical, and it also makes you hesitate if shared hosting is the right choice for your business website.

Of course, compared to VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, shared hosting has the relatively lower security level without doubt, but this situation can be improved.

Let’s take Credit Card payment as an example, there are many merchant services that take payment processing responsibility for you when processing card/store payment online. These services are not free, but more importantly that your data is certainly safe.

Shared Hosting is Incredibly Easy to Use

If you select VPS or Dedicated Server, you may have to hire professional staffs for operations and maintenance. With shared hosting free, icon-based cPanel, you can easily manage files, emails, domains, applications, etc.

It also includes one-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, you can get your site create and run within just few minutes if your business only uses a single dynamic application, or offers relatively static contents. Besides, your shared hosting provider will reduce your workload because they will work on the operating system monitor, server update, and maintenance jobs.

In brief, take a clear and comprehensive understanding of your business site situation can help you find the right hosting service. And a reliable hosting provider can even make your business to success.

For example, Bluehost, one of the best small business hosting service providers, is managing over 3 million domains, and around 30% of its customers are businesses related. Now, with with Bluehost $3.95 promotion, people could get their business start at $3.95/mo only. Why you go with VPS or dedicated server? To know more about Bluehost, please visit www.bluehost.com now.

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