4 Easy Way to Update Your Stale Site

Running a website is frequently difficult than creating one. In many cases, due to the limit of time and technical, you cannot ensure the regular updates, and let your website out of date. In today’s digital, information spread rapidly in various ways online. To maintain the presence of a website, and retain visitors, the most effective and simplest way is to update content regularly, which is also helpful for SEO.

Of course, you do not need to change the whole website, there are some simple strategies can help you update your stale website without investing lots of time and efforts.

Adding a Blog

Whether it’s from visitors or SEO perspective, the blog is a great way to interact. Install and regularly update the blog, visitors would come back again and again to check new contents of your website. Meanwhile, it also gives the search engine more chances to grab keywords for results pages.

For beginners, you do not have to worry about installing a blog as well. By using tools like WordPress or Joomla, you can setup a blog and publish content with few steps.

Adjusting the “About” Page

Many of you did not take “About” page seriously at first, and come to realize later it is a meaning way to get connects with visitors. A good “About” page always contains “5Ws” (for reference): Who are you; What do you do; When did you open for business; Where are you located; and How are you achieving your business goal.  Do not forget to keep your “About” page is short and concise.

Make Sure Your Homepage is Attractive

The easiest way to let visitors know the fresh content of your website is post a new special on your homepage such as an exclusive discount, free product samples, or highlight a new service, anything that can attract visitors. Besides, add a description or an image can effectively hold visitors’ attention, and also give them valuable information.

A New Template for Your Website

Aside from the content part, there is another way you can try is to select a new template, instead of building a new website. If your website is CMS-based, like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, choose or create a new template can easily get rid of outdated look. After replacing template, you need to do some preparation works to ensure your information can be displayed properly.