4 Mistakes that Business Owners Make on their Blogs

Since 2014 approaches, most of the business owners are taking the time and chances to reevaluate their marketing and promotional strategies and budgets. Experts indicated that businesses have continued to take huge advantage of blogging efforts, although SEO, social media and behavior have changed a lot. And according to research, around 61% of US customers have made the purchase based on recommendations from blogs.

So, what is it that makes or breaks blogs for business, and how can improve it. Here, we summarized several common mistakes that many business owners make on their blogs to help get the most out of the blogs.

  •   Not Break Up Content

When creating blog posts for their businesses, a big mistake many business owners make is that they do not break up content. Online visitors always move rapidly from one website to another, and they will not spend too much time trying to figure out which is the valuable information.

For this reason, owners should break up their blog content to make it more digestible for visitors. Feasible ways include using headings and subheading, bulleted or numbered lists, visual graphic, call-to-action buttons or messaging, and even breakout quotes, etc.

  •   Not Improve Content with Different Media

Majority of visitors will respond better to visual information than plain text, however, many businesses owners tend to contain little to no visual content in their blogs. Most of the time, if they find that they present the best content available as it related to the industry, but just does not see many traffic, it may be because the blogs are too boring to be read.

Business owners need to remember while written content is great, visitors also expect them to offer extra value in the form of videos, images, slideshows and many others. If owners find that their last few blogs are packed full with words, it would be better to consider going back and adding other types of media.

  •   Too Many Promotions or Ads

Generally, no people like receiving emails they consider being spam or promotional. Besides, they have become very good at recognizing the difference between promotional content and valuable content. Of course, they feel the same way about business blogs.

If business owners want to improve readership on their blogs, traffic or even the whole online sales, they should take time to review their content and determine whether they have been offering and converting actual value to visitors or customers. If it contains too many promotions or ads, then develop better content for the blogs next. To come up with attractive topics or ideas, owners can ask advice from visitors, customers, and staffs.

  •   Not Consider the Goal of Blogs

Business owners do not think about the goal of blogs, they cannot reach the amount of visitors and potential customers. As business owners or marketing professionals, they not only need to share valuable blogs with visitors, but also keep the update regularly.

If the goal is to become an industry influencer, or get people to visit the product pages, there are many things to consider. Strategically, get the entire team involved, avoid the above three aspects, and give visitors and customers valuable blogs.