5 Common Mistakes When Building a Website

A good website could bring more traffic, and also can help expand the business. There are many people eager to set up a website, but they ignore some key factors, thus bringing hidden dangers for the future development of their website.

Here, we conclude five common mistakes that people could easily make in the process of building a website, along with some suggestions on how to avoid these mistakes.

  • Poor Hosting Provider

There are thousands of web hosts in the market, but not all of them can provide people reliable hosting products. Some people subscribe a hosting solution before taking full understanding of the company and its service, or they just choose those extremely cheap web hosting.

In fact, there are reputable web hosts providing customers with affordable service, like Bluehost, InmotionHosting, and Arvixe.

  • Wrong Selection of Domain Name

Domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. When creating a website, the first step always starts from domain name.

Due to the lack of experience, the domain name people choose is too long, not relevant to their website, or hard to remember. It is not difficult to improve these situations. People just need to choose a domain name which is related to the topic of their website, and keep the domain name as short as possible.

  • Complex Navigational Menus

If a website is difficult to navigate, then it is hard for visitors to accept the site because they may not know how to search for valuable contents.

Therefore, it’s would be great to put main page links on the top menu, and ensure the landing page includes all essential contents people want their visitors to see. They can also use an HTML site map to get an easier navigation.

  • Lack of Search Engine Optimization

A good website can not only be popular with visitors, it should also be comfortable with the search engine. If it lacks SEO, all the efforts people do to their website are in vain.

The situation could be improved by setting up a sitemap, getting quality backlinks, trying On-site SEO, and more importantly, using keywords skillfully.

  • Many Distractions

Visitors have already annoyed at distractions of the website. Sometimes, people put many advertisements, pop-up windows, videos, and flashes on their website that definitely bring visitors unpleasant experience, and visitors even fail to focus on anything.

No one would like a messy website, so try to keep website clear and simple can help retain visitors.