6 Ways to Measure Website Success

Nowadays, there are numerous websites available on the web, but every website is different, and how to measure website success is also different. What be considered as successful factors might be nothing for another. Thus, for webmasters, to measure the success of your website, you have to define what success means to you at first.

To begin with, as the owner, you should keep the website’s purpose in mind. And based on the purpose, you can set some clear, measurable, challenging but realistic goals. Then, measure website success by referring to metrics.

Website metrics are a helpful way to measure how people are interacting with your website. With web metrics, you can see what is working on your website and what needs to improve., and help you achieve your goals. Here are some common metrics that you could take into account.

Top search engines and keywords

The metric would show what search engines visitors are visiting your website from, and that could be quite helpful for SEO activities. It also shows what keywords are leading them to your website.

Top internal search keywords

Different from top keywords, it tells you what visitors are using the search box on your website to search for. You can clearly know what content is popular on your website, and make adjustments according to this.

Bounce Rate and average time spent

The bounce rate is a measurement of how many visitors browse your website and then leave after viewing the page they landed on. For average time spent, it is a good way to measure your site quality, because it let you know how much time visitors are spending on the webstie.

Conversion rate

This metric would is given as a percentage, and helps measure how many people are performing your website visitor action.

Exit pages

With exit pages, you could know what pages the visitors are exiting your website from. And along with conversion rate, it helps you to optimize the page efficiency.

Regular visitors and referrers

Unlike page view, the data of regular visitor can tell you the number of individual people who visit your website in a period, generally daily. Besides, referrer data can show the visitors’ location and you can use to improve marketing strategy.