Basic Requirements of ASP.NET Hosting

In today’s world of the Internet, more and more individuals and businesses are investing in web technologies, since hosting solutions sometimes are greater than real products, and act as the important part of their websites’ success.

For people who are searching for first-rate ASP.NET hosting service that satisfy own interests or assistant them to deliver rapid productivity and profitability, they need to know about some basic knowledge of ASP.NET hosting, firstly.

So, when choosing a reliable ASP.NET hosting service, what are the requirements that people should take into consideration. Here, we summarize some aspects that can effectively help make achievements for websites.

Microsoft Certification

The hosting provider who is Microsoft certified partner can have comprehensive knowledge, capabilities and resources in offering and managing qualified ASP.NET hosting service and other Microsoft related solutions.

In addition, the ASP.NET hosting solutions need to be maintained by Microsoft certified engineers and developers, who are able to design and develop leading ASP.NET solutions, and help solve issues by using Microsoft .NET frameworks, tools as well as technologies.

Valuable and the Latest ASP.NET Components

For users, the more the valuable and the latest ASP.NET components they can have, the most scalable and more functional their websites can be. With so many ASP.NET solutions available on the market, people are able to effortlessly find reliable ASP.NET hosting comes with the following features.

  •   Windows Operating System

Nowadays, hosting ASP.NET application requires at least Windows 2008, because older server software is not compatible with those applications. People should make sure that the hosting solution has Windows 2008 or even better Windows 2012.

  •   .NET Framework

Microsoft has launched several .NET framework versions, and people have to ensure the ASP.NET hosting solution contains the latest version. Besides, the development platform and the host server need to keep the same versions when hosting .NET application.

  •   Internet Information Service (IIS)

IIS is a service that allows people to configure permissions and FTP services to improve the ASP.NET application, and it is included with all of Microsoft’s server operating systems. Since IIS is not installed by default, people need to add it to the server via control panel.

  •   Service Packs

ASP.NET service packs are released to assure the solution the best security level. For hosting ASP.NET pages, it is quite essential to keep the software updated with any patches and bug-fixes. Service packs help enhance security and remove bugs from the hosting server.


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