Best Cheap Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which the customer leases an entire server without sharing with anyone else, and it is always used by enterprises due to the high price. In terms of capability, dedicated server is the most flexible, as people have full control over the server. So, whether there is a host can offer the best cheap dedicated server in the field?

After reviewing dozens of dedicated servers, we finally decide to name 1and1 as the best cheap dedicated server in the year for its high quality performance and low price.

About 1and1

Founded in 1988, 1and1 ( is a well-known web hosting company who provides a wide range of hosting products including domains, MyWebsite, hosting, servers, and email services, etc. But the most notable service from 1and1 is its reliable and affordable dedicated server.

1and1 Dedicated Server is Cheap

1and1 dedicated server service comes with three different plans, meeting customers’ standard, advanced and professional requirements respectively. All of the packages are solid in terms of their features and very competitively prices. Its price only starts from $59.99/mo, and customers are allowed to configure and upgrade the server based on own needs.

If customers are not fully satisfied with its dedicated server and wish to cancel for any reason, they can do so within 30 days to receive a full refund. 1and1 has not made barriers for cancelling the service when compared to other providers.

1and1 Dedicated Server is Feature-Rich

1and1 high-performance dedicated server is optimized for every need. The basic solution has 250GB hard-disk space, 2GB RAM, 100 Mbit for quick connection to the Internet, 2 Cores x 2.2 GHz speed, AMD or Intel and Software RAID 1, etc.

Choosing 1and1 dedicated server, it can up to 32 Cores and 64GB RAM. In addition to powerful processor cores technologies from Intel and AMD manufactures, 1and1 also gives the choice of multiple operating systems to meet specific demands.

Its intuitive interface allows customers to easily configure the server with Administration Tools, which are fully managed by 1and1. Even better, customers now can monitor the server from mobile devices.

1and1 Dedicated Server High Reliability

To make sure its high-end servers are up and running all the time, 1and1 has taken numerous steps. It has backup generators, dual routers, well-equipped cooling systems and even multiple hard drives, making the websites can be accessed anytime.

Besides, 1and1 entrust customers’ servers and applications to the most secure datacenters. And it is continuously upgrading and expanding the datacenters, along with 1and1 SSL certificate and external Cisco-based IP firewall.

All of these technologies 1and1 utilizes have been engineered using N+ 1 standard, ensuring high security and no failure in redundancy and connectivity. Moreover, the technicians even do monitor all the time to guarantee its dedicated server optimum performance.

1and1 Patient Supports for Dedicated Server

For 1and1 dedicated server customers, they have unlimited access to its 24/7 hotline and free email support. If there is any question, just contact its well-trained experts for details, and they will help solve dedicated server issues timely and effectively.

1and1 is the Best Cheap Dedicated Server

As one of the biggest web hosts in the field, 1and1’s hosting service can be completely satisfied and trusted. At the same time, the cheap price, rich features, high reliability and reliable support services make 1and1 a top-ranked provider of dedicated server.

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