Best CloudFlare CDN Hosting

No matter you are going to create a new website or make your existing site to the next level, the speed is unquestionably crucial factor you should take careful consideration. For fast speed, it not only helps on a positive effect on search engine keyword ranking, but also can bring your visitors a joyful surfing experience.

Beside using a more powerful and expensive hosting solution, the most cost effective way is to leverage CDN (Content Deliver Network), which will cache your web site content in different data center to improve the access speed and downloading speed of a site. CloudFlare is a leader in CDN vendor, and what’s great is that CloudFlare CDN service is free in most cases.

In this article, we will introduce some web hosts who integrate CloudFlare into their control panel, by which their customers could setup CloudFlare service with some simple clicks and even non-technical individuals could benefit from this advanced service.

Web Hosts with CloudFlare Service

Bluehost (, as one of the best hosting in the industry, is a very first web hosts who integrate CloudFlare into their cPanel. Bluehost has make the whole activation process extremely simple.

First, go to Domain section in their cPanel, which you could find CloudFlare icon.

cloudflare hosting

Under the Enable CloudFlare section, click the Next button to create your “Free CloudFlare Account.”

cloudflare cdn hosting

Last, click Activate in above to enable CloudFlare.

That’s it! CloudFlare will start speeding up your web site. To know more about Bluehost CloudFlare solution, please visit

Besides Bluehost, there are also another two great web hosts who include CloudFlare into their cPanel, which are GreenGeeks, and A2Hosting. To know more about the detail of their hosting features, you could check them out at and respectively.