Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting Review

In the early of this month, Bluehost announced to launch its Dedicated hosting in beta. People could subscribe to the service at $1/mo only via contacting their sales. We were lucky enough to get one. After testing it for around 4 weeks, below are our review on Bluehost dedicated hosting.

2 Days Waiting to Get the Account

It might be a rare case, but we did wait for 2 days to get our server. We have contacted them for many times, their support was patient, but looks like there are some technical issues with their dedicated server which they didn’t want to share with us. Considering this is a Beta launch, this should be acceptable. But when Bluehost launch the server officially, it might not be a good thing as Bluehost guarantee “Instance Provisioning – Use your account in seconds instead of hours or days”. Bluehost obviously failed this in my case.

High Price Value

The price value of Bluehost Dedicated Hosting is very high.

They now have stopped so call $1 first month deal and the latest deal is 50% off first month. I believe they will continue the promotion for long. And below is the new price structure of Bluehost Dedicated Server.


As you could see in above, Bluehost dedicated server start at $149.99/mo, but if you subscribe to 1 year service term, the price could be low to $118.74/mo. With such as a low price, people could get a Dual core 2.3GHZ Xeon processor, 4 GB RAM, 3 dedicated IPs, free cPanel, and WHM, which could be considered one of the cheapest dedicated server in the industry.

Here is one secret you might not know that Bluehost dedicated Server and Hostgator Dedicated Server are in the same data centers now (both Bluehost and Hostgator belongs to EIG). Hostgator “Standard Dedicated Server” includes less feature than Bluehost Enahnced, but the price of Hostgator is $219/mo and Bluehost charge people only $161.66/mo, which is around 25% lower. To be honest, I cannot find any reason to choose Hostgator when we have Bluehost.

High Performance Dedicated Hosting

We tested Bluehost dedicated Server performance from 6 locations around the world, which include London, China Shanghai, Japan Tokyo, Fremont CA, Dallas TX, and Newark NJ.

Our WordPress site could be loaded very quickly with almost no waiting time around the world except Shanghai, China. Surprisingly, we could load the site hosted in Bluehost shared hosting quickly from Shanghai, which could not be got from Bluehost dedicated server. The only reason to explain this is that Bluehost hosts its shared hosting package and dedicated server in different data centers, and the latter one  hasn’t optimized its connection to China mainland. If you care about the visitors from China, you might want to hold on moving your site to Bluehost dedicated server.

Prompted Customer Support

Bluehost customer support is great on Dedicated server, i believe they have allocated significant resource to support Dedicated hosting customers. I sent an email to ask why no WHM is found in the server, I receive a response within 10 minutes with an answer from real person and a clear guide on how to active my WHM.

Should You Consider Bluehost Dedicated Server

In general, Bluehost dedicated server is recommended, which comes with great price value, professional customer support and excellent server performance. Bluehost is promoting its dedicated server with 50% off first month, if you subscribe to its server for 1 year, you will receive an even bigger discount. To know more about it, please visit now or check out our Bluehost review at

bluehost dedicated server hosting review