Bluehost Next-Gen VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Some time ago, one of the biggest hosting companies Bluehost ( launched its innovative VPS and dedicated hosting services, and received many positive feedbacks from customers. Bluehost indicated that the main reason is that it was able to integrate the solutions from all the popular and mature open source solutions.

In this year’s OSCON, the company discussed with experts in the community about the open source is utilized to create the new generation of VPS and dedicated hosting services.

More Powerful & Made Easy

Bluehost clearly knows that a powerful hosting solution usually starts with exceptional hardware, so its design, build and maintain its own servers in order to assure hosting solutions the optimal performance. Thankfully, the open source allows Bluehost to deliver the power more easily and effectively to its customers.

Here are some optimized features that Bluehost developed through a new implementation of OpenStack and KVM hypervisor.

Guaranteed Resources

Choosing VPS or dedicated hosting, customers’ guaranteed resources are available all the time because Bluehost uses KVM hypervisor, the top-of-the-line hardware that is maintained in the house regularly and always perform at the peak.

Dynamic Resources

In addition to guaranteed resources, customers can increase their available CPU, RAM or extra hosting storage dynamically.

Control Panel

Not all VPS or dedicated hosting customers need a control panel, but an ease-to-use control panel is included in Bluehost hosting solutions so that customers can take benefit from the servers, and for advanced customers, they can get full access to CentOS. In addition, it is also able to add shared, VPS or dedicated hosting services to the existing account and make the management of servers in just one place.

Instant Provisioning & Automated Upgrades

Customers can start using their VPS or dedicated account the instant they need it instead of waiting hours or days. If people are shared hosting users and want upgrade to VPS or even dedicated servers, only a few clicks can complete the process.

Bluehost’s new VPS and dedicated services have been up and running for a while now, and both services are successful out of BETA and fully available to all customers. Thus, if people want to upgrade their current hosting or get more power or control of a new server, Bluehost is a great choice. The price of VPS hosting starts from $29.99/mo, and the dedicated server starts from $149.99/mo.

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