Bluehost Renewal Discount

Bluehost Renewal Discount  below will help save you around 56% when renewing the hosting service from Bluehost.

People could pay as low as $3.95/mo to subscribe to Bluehost service. However, to renew it, they have to spend 130% higher at $8.95/mo. This situation is very common in shared hosting world, the companies normally ask for less to gain new customers, and charge them high during renewal.

So, is there any way to renew the service from Bluehost at a discount place of $3.95/mo?

I think the best way is to find a Bluehost $3.95 coupon and signup a new account with Bluehost again. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Follow this special Bluehost $3.95 promotion link offered by Bluehost to get a new account with a subscription fee at $3.95/mo
  • Migrate all your files, databases and Email account from old account to the new one manually. You can use FTP tool (for filse) and phpMyAdmin (for Database) to do it and this step could be very fast if you only have 1-2 sites hosted by Bluehost.
  • Remove domains from old Bluehost account and add them to new Bluehost account.

Migrating web sites might take sometime, but it will save you around $60/year.

Bluehost renewal discount