Canadian Web Hosting Adds SSD Caching To Servers

On Wednesday this week, Canadian Web Hosting made an announcement that the company has carried out a significant upgrade to its shared hosting servers by adding improved read/write SSD caching and other new technologies.

Canadian Web Hosting is a leading managed hosting company that specializes in the hosting business and enterprise-class customers. With proven experience and reliability, it is committed to offering secure and scalable service.

As other parts of upgrade, Canadian Web Hosting not only increases its shared hosting disk I/O rate, it also boosts disk space and Ram resources, along with continues great support for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal in its shared hosting platform.

According to Canadian Web Hosting, it uses new technologies such as 520-series and M4 series solid state drive from Intel and Crucial. And each flash memory drive includes 256 GB of storage with improved SSD read/write caching and is configured in RAID10.

Meanwhile, every server is backed up with VMware virtualization and contains a minimum of 32GB of RAM and dual Intel E5 Xeon processors. These technologies combined deliver complete the service performance by as much as 60%.

As a result, the upgrade would provide the end-users with optimized access and faster load time, and ensure its shared hosting server faster data rates.

For possible upgrade failure, Canadian Web Hosting director Matt McKinney explained: “During the upgrade, we performed repeated tests and uncovered truly unprecedented performance as well as significantly lower server load that translates to more processing power and elimination of potential bottlenecks for our customers.”

At the same time, he also indicated the company is quite happy that its upgraded shared hosting servers provide unparalleled performance. Now, the latest 50% shared hosting off made it easier than ever to move to Canadian Web Hosting.