Cheap GoDaddy Hosting – Why Not?

Cheap Godaddy Hosting? Most people choose Godaddy as they thought GoDaddy was cheap. But actually this is not true. In below, we will compare the price of GoDaddy with Bluehost, from which you will see why GoDaddy is more expensive.

GoDaddy Pricing Review

Godaddy provides 3 shared web hosting, which are “Economy”, “Deluxe” and “Ultimate”. In below, we list out the price of “Economy” and “Deluxe. As you could, see even now GoDaddy is promoting its hosting service at 50% off, its Deluxe plan is still sold at $4.49/month.

godaddy cheap hosting

Why Godaddy is not Cheap

Let’s look at Bluehost, it includes more features than GoDaddy Deluxe, such as Unlimited database, Shell Access, support scripts like PHP, Python, Perl, RoR, and etc. Not to say Bluehost product is more reliable and faster than GoDaddy.

The list price of Bluehost is $6.95/month. And now, with exclusive Bluehost discount offered by the company, this price could be low to $3.95/month only, which is around 44% off. You can find the detail of the price structure from below:

bluehost cheap hosting


To know more about Bluehost, you could visit now or check out Bluehost Review.

Besides Bluehost, there are many other web hosts offering high quality service than GoDaddy but at a lower price, which include WebHosingHub, JusthostArvixe, and etc.

What Goes Wrong

As a company led by business man, Godaddy is really good at marketing. It’s the only web host who sponsor Super Bowl, which makes it a well-known brand within the people who have few knowledge on web hosting. But the other web hosts are more willing to invest on improving technology and customer support to build their reputation in technical world.

But Godaddy does offer cheap domain in the industry. So, if you need a domain, go with Godaddy, if you need a fast reliable cheap hosting, consider the others.