DiscountASP.NET Now Offers TFS Timesheet Hosting Services

DiscountASP.NET made an announcement yesterday that it has partnered with TeamExpand to provide a fully-managed hosted TFS Timesheets solution with its TX Chrono software that installs on top of Team Foundation Server.

As a certificated Microsoft Golden Hosting Partner, DiscountASP.NET ( has been offering reliable ASP.NET service to developer worldwide.

TX Chrono (TFS Timesheets), the primary product of TeamExpand, is a web-based tool for TFS actually. With it, developers are allowed to submit time spent on project work items and provides projects managers the ability to review and approve timesheets as well.

According to DiscountASP.NET, this TFS time tracking tool comes with improved functionality on top of TFS, and it also enables detailed custom reports that can be exported to MS Word, Excel, and CSV formats.

Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing and Business Development at DiscountASP.NET, indicated that TFS Timesheets have been adopted by businesses traditionally, using TFS on-premises but through this partnership TeamExpand users have a hosted option as well.

He said: “TeamExpand has traditionally focused on providing TFS Timesheets to businesses using TFS on-premises. Through this partnership we offer TeamExpand users a way to reduce their IT workload with our TFS hosting service.”

At the same time, TeamExpand also makes response. The business development manager, Yuliya Radzik said: “We are thrilled to partner with DiscountASP.NET to provide our customers with a new hosted TFS option.”

Now, DiscountASP.NET offers a TFS hosting solution which can be delivered to the customers installed with TFS Timesheets.

Meanwhile, the solution is fully-managed, so DiscountASP.NET will handle all server maintenance and updates, including upgrades to the TFS Timesheets software.