Email, Security and Privacy

According to recent reports, the US government and some of the world’s biggest communication and email service providers have taken a quite broad method to the privacy definition together.

That mainly because the earlier reveals of PRISM project, known as Clandestine Mass Electronic Surveillance Data Mining Program collecting stored Internet communications based on needs made to Internet companies.

The disclosures have already made the whole industry horribly aware how wide its reach is for big data collection, actually. Moreover, when referring to the transparency of the past few years of raw data collection, most webmasters believe these leaks are only a very small part.

Considering the reach that some of the spying programs have, it is clearly reasonable to look forward to more admissions that not just email communication has been collected in the attempts to keep webmasters away from those so-called data collections.

Things like collaborative documents, personal memories including photos, audio recording, etc., file storage and some other storage solutions are forecast to belong to a part of attempts.

At present, the cloud hosting and services industry widely recognizes that this is the high time to redefine customer expectations about how services could be better delivered and valued by the users.

Open-Xchange, the leading messaging and collaboration solution provider worldwide, gives a serious attitude to the industry and its customers that around the ability to have a transparent system without backdoors to it.

“How does open-source software give the company the ability to have a more reliable and trusted software it can provide to its customers?”

Open-Xchange’s answer is very simple. All of its customers are satisfied with the software they using because they are in charge of developing freely and openly, trusted solutions.

The company also said that its software is entirely vetted by tons of client-partners, community developers and IT administrators who have the flexibility to test and secure Open-Xchange platform personally.

For the upcoming OX Summit 2013 in Germany, it is believed that summit is the kind of valuable platform for both providers and customers to discuss security and privacy issues.