Free Hosting or Cheap Budget Hosting

For those personal bloggers or online businesses, especially for new online businesses, it is inevitable that some of them would like to opt free web hosting service to make their budget down.

However, is free hosting can bring you reliable hosting experience, can meet website’s needs? Or free hosting is surely the right decision for websites and businesses?

Obviously the answer is negative. It is quite hard to find out advantages from free hosting service, on the contrary, we can easily make the disadvantage list.

Although free hosting is a pretty good choice for newbies to learn through some personal hosting experience, it is still impossible to provide you with rich features and quality service to maintain your website long-term running.

Choosing free hosting, the hosting companies would actually add many ads on your website as the return for providing you free hosting service. You cannot expect timely and friendly support service and wanted features form them, you must get used to disk space/bandwidth insufficient, frequent downtime, and high risk of hacking and spam, at the same time.

Paid hosting service could be very different. In addition to excellent speed and service guarantee, its hosting packages always include extra features: easy-to-use cPanel, site builder, and others that can fully help save your cost and time.

In all, free hosting service is an absolute disaster if you take your website seriously. Actually, paid hosting could be extremely affordable. For example, Bluehost, one of the most reputable hosting companies, provide best shared hosting solution for both individuals and small businesses at an extremely affordable price. Now, with the latest Bluehost promotion, you can get this award-winning hosting service at only $3.95/mo, which is almost 44% discount. All Bluehost solutions come with very rich features and are backup with “Anytime Money Back” guarantee.

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