GoDaddy Acquires Ronin to Provide Accounting Service for Small Businesses

The Web’s top platform for small business GoDaddy made an announcement yesterday that the company has acquired Ronin, an online company offering invoicing services to help business bill customers and keep track of how they get paid.

Having been fully integrated into GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping, the acquisition could bring a full service solution to those small businesses who are looking to simplify and organize their finances.

As always, one of GoDaddy’s goals is to make the “business of business” easy, and this GoDaddy online Bookkeeping is designed for that purpose.

According to GoDaddy Senior Vice President for business applications Steven Aldrich, “Our customers love our product – but they wanted us to provide invoicing capabilities. We knew Ronin provided an unparalleled experience, so we started discussions.”

He also indicated, “It soon became clear – we needed the team at Ronin to be on our team and we needed to seamlessly integrate invoicing into our product. The end result is GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping.”

Although the domain purchase and hosting service remain the mainstays for generating revenue of GoDaddy, the acquisition can not only help add more products and improve services, but also help the company make more from other fields longer term.

Ronin Founder Lu Wang also spoke highly of this acquisition of GoDaddy, at the same time. He believes that both of them can give small businesses the best tools to succeed online.

Lu Wang said, “The ease and speed of integrating with GoDaddy’s culture and technology, combined with the ability to reach 12 million customers, is a tremendous opportunity. Joining the GoDaddy team has given us the access to the resources and smart people who we’ve wanted.”