GreenGeeks VPS 50% off First 2 Month

greengeeks-220-174GreenGeeks has been always focusing on providing reliable, affordable and green shared hosting, VPS hosting and reseller hosting for customers. It’s one of Top 10 web hosting in the industry.

Now, this best green hosting company is promoting its renowned VPS hosting for every new customers. With this promotion, customers can save 50% off for the first 2 months on any VPS hosting plan.

Trey Gardner, the CEO of GreenGeeks, explained one of the reasons for this big promotion. He said that existing customers are highly satisfied with the service and performance of its VPS hosting, so it is time to make more people get this cost-effective hosting service, of course, at a far lower price of entry.

At the same time, Trey also indicated that this promotion is certainly a sweeter deal than anyone else out there, and he got confidence that customers would not regret to choose GreenGeeks.

Here are some VPS hosting promotion details Trey provides:

Firstly, there is almost no risk for new customers to sign up GreenGeeks VPS hosting because it is monthly bill. If they got problem, technical support is 24/7 available and can be easy to access to make hosting experience more perfect. And the price is extremely affordable after this 50% off in the first 2 months.

The GreenGeeks business-level VPS hosting and cloud hosting solution include storage of 25GB up to 125 GB and bandwidth from 500 GB to 1500 GB.

GreenGeeks VPS is one of Best VPS Hosting solution int he industry, and VPS hosting plans are backed up with the latest server grade Intel processors, Memory and RAID-10 storage arrays. All these features and technologies could guarantee the best reliability and hosting performance.

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greengeeks vps 50 off