Gret More Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about traffic, traffic sources, measures conversions and sales of a website. In the market, it is possibly the most popular free tool to keep track of webmasters’ website performance.

Some of the more advanced features allow webmasters have more valuable control over their digital marketing efforts. Here, we summarize 3 tips that can also help webmasters get more out of Google Analytics.

Read the Analytics Reports

Google Analytics reports actually give webmasters a fairly clear picture as to how their visitors are interacting with their website. The general overview presents the website stats including total visits, page views, unique visitors, average visit duration, bounce rate and percentage of new visit within the given time frame.

From which, webmasters can find out which of their pages are most popular, and that is helpful in identifying the content they want to get rid of or improve.

In addition to the helpful information, webmasters are able to get more traffic details from some other reports. For the example:

  •   Traffic Sources Overview

For webmasters, especially for business owners, knowing where their traffic is coming from is very essential for online marketing efforts. The sources are sorted in search, referral, direct traffic and traffic from AdWords campaigns.

Through clicking on Search Engine Optimization, webmasters cannot only see what keywords lead visitors to their website, but also see what pages visitors are landing on and what locations they live in.

  •    Conversions

By specifying the goal URL, the conversion part allows webmasters to set and monitor conversion goals for their website. Something like this, they can set the confirmation page as their goal URL if their goal is to get visitors to sign up for the newsletter. The set up a sales funnel consisting of all the pages the visitors would go through to ultimately reach the confirmation page.

  •   Intelligence Events

With this Intelligence Events tool, webmasters can set alerts for when specific events happen on their website. Business owners might want to know a certain number of visitors make a purchase or download in a given time.

Google would calculate the actual performance against the expected performance, and owners can set intelligence events for both web analytics and AdWords.

More Advanced Features and Tools

  •   Advanced Segmentation: it gives webmasters more detailed information when it comes to where their traffic is coming from.
  •   Customized email reports: schedule reports to be emailed once, daily, weekly, monthly, or on a quarterly basis.
  •   Flash Tracking: it can bring more convenience to web developers by translating tracking code into ActionScript 3 language, making it easier to track Adobe Flash content like forms and buttons.
  •   Custom reporting: it allows webmasters to create customized reports based on specific criteria and metrics, and tells them things like bounce rate per city and Page Views by browser.