Hostgator Complaints – Is it Still a Good Web Hosting

Hostgator, one of Top 10 Web Hosting in the industry, now is offering web hosting service to over 8 millions domain, which make up approximately 1% of the world’s Internet traffic. The company offers comprehensive service like Shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated Server hosting on both Linux and Windows platform.

Hostgator was sold to EIG last year and many industry analysts expressed their concerns on the future of the company as EIG has destroyed many reputed brand in the industry. Will Hostgator be another victim?

More Customer Support Complaints

First, we did hear of  much more complaints on Hostgator customer support than before. We, as a Hostgator cusotmer, found the customer support waiting time become much longer. Here is the screen copy when we try to contact their customer support via Online Chat. It’s really bad to see we have to wait for 13 minutes to be connected. This won’t be happened before.


Let’s see the waiting time of 2 major Hostgator competitors Bluehost and InmotionHosting. Bluehost customer support waiting time is around 1 minutes, and for Inmotionhosting, we even cannot capture the screen as it’s connected so far (in seconds).


Hostgator Complaints on Server Uptime

According to our internal website uptime monitoring tool, Hostgator Server Uptime was still good in last year. Hostgator operation engineers had made a big mistake in 2012, which caused the whole network down for around 6 hours. But in general, the overall uptime of Hostgator was still over 99.9% for the whole year.

Is Hostgator a Good Web Hosting

In general, we still trust Hostgator, but it’s really not so good as before. Part of reason might be they grow too fast as don’t have enough qualified resource to maintain the web servers and offer timely and efficient support to their customers. Considering the uncertainty in the future of the company, if you need a web host, we would like to recommend Bluehost and InmotionHosting.

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