How to Add Email Opt-in form to a Website

It is the high time to start an email list by putting an opt-in form on the website, if you are a business owner and you have valuable information to share with your clients. With which you are not only allowed to expand customer base, but also can gain direct access to these followers’ inboxes.

Once you are ready, take the following steps to add an email opt-in form to your website:

Choosing an reliable email marketing provider

There are many email marketing services available in the market that you can choose one for your requirements. For example, Aweber, the most famous one which is wieldy used among bloggers and businesses, or MailChimp, another well-known service that is free for the first 2,000 customers.

 Creating opt-in form

As your choice, your form can behave in any way, but it would be better to pick form layout and colors that makes your website stand out enough for visitor to notice. Remember, it is always best to avoid pop up forms.

 Copy the code and paste into the website

When the form was created, your provider would generate your form’s HTML code. You should:

  • copy the code
  •  go to the administrator page of your website
  • find HTML or CSS document
  • paste the code in the appropriate place

For WordPress or other provider, who have their own instructions for this, so you have to assure the applicable support documentation.

Add an incentive

Sometimes, you can gain email newsletter signups and more target customers by offering some additional values like ebook download or coupon, so an extra incentive for them to your list is a great shot.

You must keep in mind that do not buy or sell email lists ever, and do not send unsolicited emails.

Here are some advantages that you can take from email marketing

Cost-effective and Simple

Compared to other marketing methods like direct mail, spots and phone book listing, email marketing service takes only a small part of traditional marketing methods cost. It does not require a lot of investment.

And all you need to do is to know where your customers are and make sure that they are able to receive your messages during the daily email check.

High Return Rate

The customers you are emailing are those who have interested in your business. When done correctly, you could get a response to your action largely, which means higher returns from email marketing.

Fast Response

Unlike direct email, email marketing is an instantaneous type of communication. Because almost all people would check their inbox every day in this modern society, so as a business owner, you can get the fastest response for your business.

Easily Trackable

Generally, you can track open rate, ounce rate, unsubscribes, click-throughs and etc. with email marketing tools. That gives valuable analytics for your business and makes it success in the future.