How to Improve Your Alexa Rank Quickly

Alexa, a toolbar collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the Alexa website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting. For website owners, although it does not affect your search engine results and rankings, it is still essential if you want to get more profit from your website.

By recording the amount of traffic websites get among others of the same caliber, Alexa ranking becomes the most influential ranking on the Internet after Google and some other search engine rankings. And it also becomes more and more popular with many website owners who tend to make money through their websites.

Here are some simple but valuable tips that can help improve your Alexa ranking.

  •   Install Alexa toolbar and widget

Alexa only takes into consideration the visitors that go through the system, thus, you or the users have to install Alexa toolbar on the browsers. Since this is quite important to you site owners than the visitors, you should be the one to take it upon yourself to ensure that you have the widget on your website, and the toolbar as well.

  •   Claim your website

This step is quite vital that claiming your website on Alexa can help people that are interested know who exactly owns the website. Of course, add Alexa generated meta tags to your website can also help track keywords, traffic, positioning, statistics and etc. Do not forget to build good links.

  •   Build backlinks

One of the useful factors used by Alexa is the number of backlinks; it considers every unique referring domain. Actually, it counts the NoFollow backlinks just as well as the DoFollow ones, in some way. To largely help improve Alexa ranking, you can build both types.

Moreover, the easiest way to build backlink is to comment on other websites, or join forums and social networking sites regularly.

  •   Positive Reviews

This comes with two parts. Firstly, simply review Alexa on yourself. Secondly, as a website owner, you can encourage your visitors to leave positive reviews about your website. Both ways can help improve Alexa ranking.

  •   Update your website regularly

Alexa is updated regularly, so you must ensure your website has great contents thus maintaining you of constant visitors who will never turn to others. Updating a blog, a simple post or a picture to make your visitors and Alexa know your website is still alive.