How to Transfer Website to Another Web Host Smoothly

So you want to move, sounds like a headache, but when the time is up you have to move on, sometimes, you need to shift your website to another web host, especially if you’re not satisfied with your web hosting services. Let’s examine the things you need to do before making that move to another we host.

1. Before you do anything else, find a good web host that suits your hosting needs. This new hosting provider should be able to accommodate your technical needs, and you should be absolutely sure that you want to move before you begin the process.

2. Backup everything on your website, you need to back up all of the files on your original host. Make sure that the directory structure is maintained, and try to compress the total website into a single archive file to minimize mistakes. Do not alter or delete the currently active website at this time—you could break something and be left without a working copy if the archive is lost or corrupted.

3. The next step is transferring the domain; to do this you need to start by changing the DNS server details, which is pretty easy to do. Obtain the Primary and Secondary nameserver details from your new web host. Go to your domain registrar’s site (the website you registered the domain name) and login into your control panel, offered by most of the domain registrars, to maintain your domain name. In the control panel, look for the “DNS”, “Nameserver” or “Delegation” option and change the previous nameserver details, with the new one (you just obtained from your new web host).

4. Make sure to Setup and test everything before the actual move, keep existing services on your old domain name such as email forwarding, web pointing and website hosting until the transfer is complete to ensure that you still maintain contact with your customers and prospects.  Once your domain is transferred you will start receiving emails from your new mail server and see your web site from your new account.   After a few days, once everything is moved and verified as working, you can close the old account without fear of losing data.  Ask your previous web host to cancel your account.

Lastly, you should follow all of your previous host’s closing procedures, and leave cleanly. You will find that the transfer should go smoothly and all parties will be more helpful.