How Web Hosting Be “Green”

Normally, people would take hosting features, reliability, support service, and price value these essential aspects into their consideration when choosing a hosting service for their site. However, with the widespread of environmental awareness, more and more people recognized the environmental protection importance.

As the result, people would consider whether the hosting company green or its hosting solution green during the process of selecting a hosting service. In this article, we will talk about how green hosting works and which is the reliable green hosting provider.

Hosting is a Highly Polluting Industry

It is believed that most people do not realize that hosting is a highly polluting industry in the world, then it is, and they might wonder how hosting affects the environment.

One of the answers comes with the high power consumption. Apart from the high electricity consumption of hosting server itself, the server cooling system also require massive electricity resource, almost 50% of total power that set-up needed, to keep run on. Besides, it would generate heat and greenhouse gases during the running process of hosting servers and many other related facilities.

According to a survey, the harmful gas emissions of the whole IT industry equivalent to 2% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, this is fairly serious.

Thus, it is critical to balance between hosting and our environment, and this is also one of the reasons why choosing green hosting can make a big difference.

How Green Hosting Providers Green?

Referring to green hosting, it means that electricity the hosting companies used is produced from natural and renewable energy resources like wind, solar, water, etc. And some of their generators are tied up with main cities and towns grids, which utilize both traditional energies and natural resources.

Here are some other effective ways that will work. For instance, energy efficient hardware use, cooling system improvement by using eco-friendly coolers, waste recycling, and tree planting, etc.

Of course, these measures can hugely reduce emissions of hosting harmful gases, but cannot be totally eliminated.

Actually, this kind of companies is quite rare, a large extent is due to the high cost. Most so-called green hosting companies just buy Renewable Energy Certificates and Green Tags for achieving environmentally-friendly efforts.

GreenGeeks is the Most Reliable Green Web Host

As the biggest and the earliest green hosting provider, GreenGeeks are proudly to provide a wide range of hosting products for customers around the world, and all of its hosting solutions are 300% Green.

In addition to purchasing wind energy credits GreenGeeks works on all of its servers and reconfigures them so that they run more efficiently using less energy and running cooler, the company also do many other efforts to maintain the services max green.

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