How WordPress Blog Survives in High Traffic Time

Once your WordPress blog becomes successful, it is likely to face the high traffic time, which might be a problem on any blogs, especially for a new one. However, here are some useful advice you can take to deal with this high traffic problem effectively.

Choose a High Performance Web Host

The web host you choose for your WordPress blog is really a matter of dealing with high traffic. There are thousands of web hosts in the market, but not all of them are equal in features, capacities, software features and hardware facilities. To find a good web hosting for WordPress, you could check out Best WordPress Hosting in the year.

Besides, hosting type is another key aspect. Make sure your web host provides VPS or even dedicated server for upgrading if shared hosting is not powerful enough for your blog.

Thus, a reliable web host who offers multiple powerful hosting solutions could be the most suitable choice. One good example is InmotionHosting (, one of the best hosting service providers in the industry who provides high performance shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

Actually, the price from this high quality hosting solution providers are quite affordable. People could receive 30% off in the latest InmotionHosting promotion, which make its price starts at $4.89/mo only and 90 days full money back guarantee included.

The Optimization of Database and Web Server

All your blog contents are served from the database, so regular database optimization can ensure your blog a better performance and faster loading speed. Additionally, you can also optimize MySQL to work better with WordPress.

For optimize web server for your WordPress blog, it would be better for you to purchase VPS. Because you have to share resources with many other accounts, which caused the .htaccess and php.ini tricks might be limited.

Content Delivery

If you are going to upload images and video these static contents, try to use a content delivery network to increase your blog speed. As the result, it not only brings visitors faster surfing speed, but also reduces the chance of network congestion.