Is Private Domain Registration Necessary?

When registering a domain name for a personal blog or a business site, most of you would choose to register the domain publicly. Through that way, anyone on the web are allowed to make a WHOIS search for your domain name, and get your personal information.

At this time, some of you might consider private domain registration , which would in turn replacing your information in the WHOIS with the information of a forwarding service, such as “Domain by Proxy” and eNom’s ID Protect.

However, is the private domain registration required, or worth to spend extra money for it?

Why Private Domain Registration?

  • Stay your information in control: because private domain registration can keep your information out of the WHOIS database, so you can decide what information you want to make it available.
  • Reduce the spams and scams: If you did not choose private domain registration, you may face potential risk that spammers or scammers will seek out your email address and phone number, and send you all kinds of random spam or harassing phone calls.

Is Private Domain Costly?

You can make your domain private with around $10/year, which is relatively high when comparing with domain registration fee, but it’s still affordable.

Almost all domain registrars (such as Godaddy, Bluehost) offer this kinds of service, if you need one, just follow up with them and hide your domain registration information.