midPhase Introduces Big Changes into Its New Website and Services

For the past period of time, midPhase has tried to make improvements on both its website and services. After extensive testing, now, the company finally presents one of the best looking and most functional web hosting website with a new logo on the wide world of the web.

Powered by UK2 Group, midPhase is a leading web hosting provider who has been offering a wide range of best cheap hosting services since 1998. Until now, the company serves millions of customers in 140 countries.

One of the most exciting parts of its new website is that it is totally responsive, and the whole layout would change based on visitors’ screen size.

According to midPhase, the key focus of its new website is to help the visitors and those potential customers, who typically know few about web hosting, find their way to the right and valuable information.

In addition to a new website, midPhase also wrapped several significant changes into the new redesign, including new culture code, domain registration services and dedicated server lineup updates.

The new culture code of midPhase named “Mpowered”, containing big giveaways, fun contents and success stories, etc., and it could help customers become successful online through the products and services the midPhase offers.

midPhase also gives considerable advantages to all domain registrations. Its domain prices have still remained the same, but now each domain name comes with a free one page website, which can be used to advertising businesses.

At the same time, midPhase updated its entire dedicated server lineup on a new on-demand platform capable of delivering servers faster.

On the small side, customers are able to get an Intel Xeon 3440 with 8GB RAM and 3TBs of bandwidth for just $129/mo. On the top side, customers can get an Intel Dual E5-2620 with 32GB RAM and 100TB of bandwidth.

Not only for dedicated servers, now midPhase is promoting all its products with 30% off limited time offers, which make its hosting prices only start from $2.09/mo.

To know more about midPhase or its hosting services, please visit: www.midphase.com.