.NY Top Level Domain for NY Business

Recently, there are many reports about ICANN’s decision to take applications for new top-level domains has centered around the effects on business brands. But for those new geo-TLDs which reflect a real world location for an online website, they got much untapped potential.

.nyc, the new domain for New York City, is one of these new region-specific TLDs that ICANN is going to set to hit the market. At present, Neustar, the leading provider of real-time information and analytics for Internet has made the application, and expects it would bring the business a big success.

The expectation comes for reasons. As one of the focal points of international industry, trade and culture, New York carries great significance and possibilities. If organizations and businesses located in this city, they could let the world to see immediately their accomplishments.

Of course, this is not only for business brand and reputation, this would also be a huge boost for search engine optimization.

For people who are searching for something within the New York City, they would be directed to those businesses with identifiable New York-based domain name. Therefore, with such location indicator, it is quite helpful if Google, Bing and other search engines start to have a partiality for websites with a .nyc domain extension in New York related searches.

These domains, which originally only be open to official organizations like government agencies, would available to trademark holders in 2014 the Sunrise phase According to the reports, after ICANN has approved the city’s application, these domains are about to become available later in the year.

Now, many domain companies like GoDaddy and Name.com launched the watch-list tool to help customers keep updated about new TLDs. And .nyc domain is surely and widely considered as one of the best pieces of online territory going. However, if you want to know the domain registration fee of .NY from different registrars, you could check them at https://hostucan.net/domain-search.