The Advantages of Joomla Hosting

Nowadays, more and more people get involved in the hosting industry. One of the most powerful bonds of this appearance is Joomla, an open-source CMS used in wide range to build websites and add a huge amount of components to enhance the functionality of websites.

Generally, for people who are looking for hosting for their online presence, a reliable Joomla hosting is essential to the success of both individual and online business websites.

Here, we make a conclusion, from which people could not only easily find out the reasons why Joomla is popular, but also can take full understanding of the advantages of Joomla hosting, at the same time.

  •   Easy to Install, Updates and Upgrades

People, especially beginners quite concern about whether everything starts and keeps running smoothly after installing, updating or upgrading. For them, these processes are headache issues. However, that does not happen to Joomla hosting.

Web Hosts always provide 1-click installer for customers, the installers allows them to install Joomla on websites with just few simple clicks. Through the control panel, updates and upgrades are also a click thing.

  •   Cheaper

As open source software, Joomla is totally free to download and install. For Joomla hosting, it is very affordable, and the price usually less than $5/mo.

Some premium add-ons and components do not come free, if people’s budget is limited, then sticking to the core as much as possible would also decrease cost and meet their needs.

  •   Fewer Maintenance

Joomla has powerful compatibility and wide range of features, so people can maintain their website running effective with putting much effort on Joomla. Sometimes, few components and plugins would be added to expand the functionality.

But note that, these plugins and components are likely to create conflicts and clashes, to resolve the problems, people just keep regular update of Joomla and its plugins and components which come with bug-fixed and new features.

  •   Great Control

Using Joomla hosting, people can have a great control in the aspects of website’s performance and security. With the provided control panel, people are able to make convenient operation and management. Even people who have no web experience, they still can design and create a successful Joomla website based on own preference.


Of course, these are not all of the advantages to Joomla hosting, but they are some of the most important ones that are quite enough to stand Joomla out amongst many others. So, when people are searching for a good web hosting for their websites, Joomla is always one of the best options available.