The Top-Leading Open Source Software

Open source software is computer software with its source code made available in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone for any purpose.

It is the most obvious example of open source development, and it is very often developed in a public and collaborative manner as well. There are thousands of open source software available in the marketplace, and here we will introduce some top-leading OSS to webmasters.


People might find out that many of the websites they see on the Internet actually use WordPress. As the most popular open source software and blogging platform, WordPress has extended its functional reach through continual development and tons of free plugins.

Due to these plugins, WordPress is allowed to handle website requirements like picture, galleries, ecommerce shops and forms. In addition, add to this many thousands of themes that enable people to change its appearance rapidly. At the same time, some reliable companies like Bluehost, WebHostingHub and Arvixe provides the best WordPress hosting solutions for different website building demands.


As the oldest of Big 3 (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal), Drupal is founded in 2001, and has been becoming one of the most popular CMSs online. It is top-leading open source software that is built upon PHP and MySQL. Compared to other OSS, Drupal is regarded as an enterprise system and powers websites like

Actually, Drupal is powerful and flexible enough, and can build anything from a small blog to an enterprise level website which supports millions of visitors. Besides, best Drupal software is quite stable, SEO friendly and developer-friendly that developers can use it to create their own modules and custom solutions simply.


One of the unique factors of Joomla is the way in which the organization is structured. Since it takes everyone’s feedback into consideration, Joomla makes anyone can become an integral part of the project by just contributions including sponsorships, code work or help out in forums.

There is typically a straight chain of command where decisions are made on what components, features and versions to develop next. However, it is decided by all the developers and users involved if with Joomla. Although this makes the processes a little bit longer to finish, it assures all feedback and suggestions are adopted.

Of course, once people decide to use Joomla to build their websites, do not forget to choose the best Joomla hosting to make the websites succeed online.