Release New Website Builder

Today UK2.NET announced the launch of its new website builder, with which users are allowed to choose templates, add content, and publish their website.

Created in 1998, UK2.NET is the founding brand of the UK2 Group, and it also known for low cost and a wide range of hosting solutions and domain names.

This new website builder comes with high usability; it can help simplify the process of building a website for small business websites, and especially for entrepreneurs without any related experience.

“Our new Website Builder is all you and your business needs to succeed online. It’s perfect for small business websites and for entrepreneurs who do not possess the technical know-how and/or the relevant computer coding experience to create a website from scratch.” according to the post from UK2.NET official blog.

The new website builder software also contains more than 200 templates, UK2.NET customers can choose based on their preference.

UK2.NET product manager, Sara Cunha-Rego indicated, “With Website Builder we are removing that obstacle by providing a way to build websites that does not require any knowledge of programming or writing code.”

“Customers can easily personalize one of our templates until they’re happy with the result.” Sara said. Besides, the drag and drop features of the new website builder offer full control over layout, functionality and content.