Web Hosts with Free Google Adwords Credit

Many webmaster may never notice that free Google AdWords credits have already been included in the package when they purchase the hosting service for their website. And maybe some of them have no idea what Google AdWords credits are.

In this article, we will summary what you can use Google AdWords credits for, and also list some web hosts who provide free Google AdWords credits for customers.

Google AdWords

As the main advertising product and main revenue source of Google, Google AdWords is considered as one of the most popular advertising network on the Internet. It is necessary for advertisers, especially for the business owners because Google AdWords is a high-efficiency method to generate massive traffic to a website.

Advertising with Google is very expensive, in particular, Google AdWords uses the pay-per-click model, which means advertisers have to pay a certain amount once their ads were clicked. That makes the free Google AdWords credits are valuable to save budget.

Web Hosts Offering Free Google AdWords Credits

Many reputed web hosts in the industry include free Google Adwords credits in their hosting package, below are 2 of them who provide up to $100 free credits.

Bluehost is a leading hosting company, and its powerful and rich-featured hosting package comes with $100 Google AdWords Credits. The price of this package only starts at $3.95/mo with the latest Bluehost discount.

Bluehost also guaranteed 24/7 US support and Anytime Money Back. To know more about Bluehost, please visit www.bluehost.com.

WebHostingHub hosting package also contains $100 Google AdWords Credits. As one of the best hosting in the industry, WebHostingHub service is reliable, fast and affordable. With WebHostingHub coupon, its hosting price is low to $3.99/mo.

To know more about WebHostingHub, please visit www.webhostinghub.com.

The Notices When Using Free Google AdWords Credits

If customers’ hosting provider offers them free Google AdWords credits, it would be better to take full advantage of those. Here are some notices customers should be aware of when using free credits.

  1. Think about carefully how much you are willing to pay for the ads. Due to Google’s huge traffic, customers’ free credits might run out so soon. If they want to expand their website for long term plan, they must prepare enough budgets for further pay-per-click.
  2. Pay attention to the landing page. Once people click the ads, they will be led to advertisers’ landing page. Make sure the ads and page have consistency of contents, or the ads are wasted and advertisers get many clicks at the same time.
  3. Advertisers have to make efforts on keyword selection. Choose the keyword that would attract the target audience come to click the ads. This will not only improve the success rate of the business, but also cut ads spending.